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5GB Storage Space to hold your site and all your photos
10GB bandwidth - enough for all your visitors, even when important announcements bring heavy traffic.
10 email accounts and online webmail software so you can check and send mail from anywhere , unlimited email forwarders, 5 MYSQL databases - one for your inPedigree site and four for any other applications of your choice. Need more? Just let us know. BulletProof Spam Guard to keep the junk out of your mail, Antivirus protection, CPanel for full control of your hosting account. Set up email accounts, databases, file manager and much more.
$19.99 USD Monthly
$205.00 USD Annually
Large Database Hosting
Forums, shopping carts and other sites with large databases and server intenstive applications.

$29.95 USD Monthly
$0.00 USD Quarterly
$0.00 USD Semi-Annually
$0.00 USD Annually
$0.00 USD Biennially
$0.00 USD Triennially

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