Server Migration

inPedigree and all of the client sites will be migrated to a more up to date server in 1-2 weeks.  In preparation for the upgrade, all inpedigree sites will be upgraded.  Stay tuned for news.

19th Jun 2012
Captcha added to inPedigree forms

CAPTCHA system is now more robust requiring the the visitor to answer a math problem in order to submit forms

18th Oct 2008
Search Function

Users with Larger databases (pedigree research or clubs) can now take advantage of a search function rather than listing all of the animals in their db.  This makes it easier for your visitors and helps to ease the strain on your bandwidth usage.

25th Apr 2008
Site Maintenance Service

We have added site maintenance as a service you can choose upon checkout.  With this service we will update your page content, animals, news stories and photo galleries.  This is in addition to the one time data entry service used for entering your animals.After purchasing this option just email us whenever you want changes to your site ... Read More »

25th Apr 2008
More Storage Space added

While testing we realized that to hold all the photos for your pedigree animals you might need more space.  So we increased storage space for your hosting package to 5GB and bandwidth to 10GB. 

We want to make sure your site is always up and running.  Cheers

18th Feb 2008
inPedigree goes live

After months of testing it's finally here.  Now you can get your pedigrees, photo albums and complete site online easily with inPedigree.

14th Feb 2008

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