inPedigree Features

All In One Box

I know what breeders and exhibitors want in a website. I breed and exhibit dogs myself and started this project out of my own needs. Yes, there are a lot of good website builders out there but they didn’t give me the options I needed and the pedigree programs can produce html code for you to paste into your site but you still need a knowledge of html or a way to insert html into your pages. On top of that they don’t offer style options to match your site unless you, again, know how to code the styles.

I wanted to create an application that not only made it easy to display your animals but also had all the features you needed and at a price that was affordable (how affordable is free?). It doesn’t matter what kind of animal you have. Whether you own dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, goats or any other, inPedigree can work for you. Our goal is to give you a comprehensive package, enough services for the experienced webmaster yet easy enough for the beginner. We want you to be able to focus your time on your breeding and exhibiting programs, not on keeping your website alive.

  • A new more customizeable and up to date templating engine makes building your sites easier and front end pages load faster. We will be adding a template directory in the near future to give you options to build a site that’s uniquely you.
  • Add and edit as many pages as you like without having to code each one.
  • This release contains a new, easier to use text editor with the ability to easily add YouTube videos to your pages and animal descriptions.
  • Add as many animal categories as you wish and select which ones will display pedigrees
  • Easily display and edit your animals and show details you think are important such as:
    • Colors and markings
    • Breeders
    • Sires and dams
    • Registration organization
    • Registration numbers
    • DNA number
  • Photo Pedigrees! Our pedigree script has been rewritten from the ground up. It is faster and more flexible with the ability to choose the number of generations you want to display. Pedigrees also have their own options to display all of the above info and get their styles from your site so everything matches.
  • Introducing Record keeping where you create the health testing and immunization records you want and decide which animals to keep records for. There is even an area to keep notes for each animal.
  • links page with the option to let visitors add their links or add them yourself in admin. All links are approved in admin prior to appearing on your site
  • Contact Us page with image verification to help block spam
  • Our Announcement system is now editable. This system shows your full stories the news page and recent headlines on your home page
  • Search option instead of category listings for users who have hundreds or thousands of animals such as sites devoted to pedigree research. Ask for it when you sign up
  • A rewritten CAPTCHA form that does not use sessions.
  • Introducing Add Ons. Add Ons give you the ability to add small pieces of code to your site and can be used to display custom information (such as a facebook link), a favorite picture, Clubs and organizations, Animal specific information, banners and more. You can even use Add Ons to add custom cursors, falling snow and background music. These are just some of the ideas we are planning for. The Add-On repository is just starting out but we will be adding scripts for you to load to your site as quickly as we can.

And best of all, you don’t need to know any code at all. inPedigree comes with an easy to use Admin panel that allows you to make any changes you need without having to write a single line of code.