Kennel Management

Kennel Management Software Online

Kennel Management has evolved. It’s not only about keeping your dog’s records in your home any more. Many pedigree researchers these days rely only on what they can find online and if you aren’t out there on the web your dogs and your breeding program won’t be seen. Once upon a time magazine ads were the only way to advertise your champions to breeders and prospective judges but the internet has changed this. A web presence and having your dogs, their pedigrees and your breeding philosophy online for research purposes is a must to give your dogs and your breeding program an edge in the competitive world of the dog fancy.

inPedigree gives you that edge and so much more. We know and love dogs, and are breeders and exhibitors ourselves. We personally feel that these wonderful animals are not only show dogs but also our best friends, and you want to be able to share every aspect of their lives and how they impact your own. Each dog entered into your site’s admin panel is given its own page, its own photo galleries (yes, that’s plural you can add multiple galleries per animal) and its own photo pedigree. All you have to do is chose the category you want the dog to appear in (champions, at stud, girls, boys, our dogs, etc…) and then choose that dog’s sire and dam from your database and the inPedigree software does it all for you. Additionally adding new titles to a dog is quick and easy. Just edit the dog and enter the new title in the boxes shown in your admin panel. So Easy!.

Litter Option

The same functions used to generate the dogs page now have a feature to specify litters. With litters you can list the number of boys and girls in the litter and the parents images will automatically be displayed on the litter pages. And as with individual dogs you can add multiple photo galleries so adding 1month and 8 week photos in separate galleries is a snap to show your friends and other breeders how your puppies grow.

Your Dogs’ Photo Pedigrees – Online

The photo pedigrees are the part of inPedigree that we love the most. As of Version2 the pedigree script has been rewritten to be faster, cleaner and now gives the option to choose the number of generations you display. The inpedigree application gives you options in admin to display as little or as much information as you wish in your pedigrees. Many breeders want to show colors and marking, registration numbers, birth dates and breeder or kennel names. All of these are possible with inPedigree. Also, dogs in the pedigrees who also appear in your site will be linked to their pages.

Keeping up with your Kennel Management Needs

inPedigree wants to grow with you and your needs for managing your kennel online. In an effort to give you “more” Version2 now includes:

  • Multiple galleries for each dog. Have a litter? You can add a separate gallery for each growth point (1 wk old, 2 wks old, 8 wks old, etc).
  • DNA numbers
  • Health Testing Results and recordkeeping

Printable reports will be added in the near future as well.

If you have any suggestions or questions about the application please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Heard enough?