Change email quota

Change An Email Account Quota

You can easily change an email account quota using the cPanel interface.


What is an email quota?

An email quota is the maximum (quota) amount of disk space allocated to an individual email account. By default, cPanel creates email accounts with a maximum (quota) of 10Mbs of allowed disk space. You can change the quota to any amount you need based on your own personal preferences.


Note: The quota will not exceed your overall account disk space. For example, if your account comes with a maximum of 100Mbs, your email account will not exceed 100Mbs even if you set the quota to "unlimited."


To get started, follow the instructions below.


1. Login to cPanel.


2. When the page loads, click on the "Email Accounts" link in the Mail section.



3. Next, find the email account you want to use for a quota change in the Current Accounts section. View our example ( below.



4. Once you have identified the email account you want to use for a quota change, select "Change Quota" from the Functions drop down menu.



5. Click on the "Go" button.



6. Next, enter the new quota (in megabytes) in the "New Quota" text box. The default quota is "10" megabytes. In our example below we are changing the default quota "10" to a higher value of "20" megabytes.



Or if you want to set the email account quota to an unlimited number of megabytes, enter "unlimited" in the "New Quota" text box.



7. When you have modified the email account quota, click on the "Change" button.


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